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#SELFIE time na koncertě Adámka ve Zlíně. :) <3 
@betynka_mishix & @eliska_directioner  (v místě OC Centro Zlín)

#SELFIE time na koncertě Adámka ve Zlíně. :) <3 
@betynka_mishix & @eliska_directioner (v místě OC Centro Zlín)

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Act This Out


Rating/warnings: R for Smut, dirty talk, bondage, comeplay, slight overstim, toy use, daddy kink, barebacking

Pairing: Larry!

Words: 2, 087

Written for this: (x)

I’m still writing this: (xx)

A/N: Louis is 21 here. And I picture this Harry being the 17 year old one. A little past his innocent looking stage when he auditioned for X-factor but not sex god status yet like he officially reached at 18. Cause we all know Harry is sex on long, lean legs.

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Do It One More Time (Larry)


Written for this: (x)

Words: 1, 498

Pairing: Larry!, Ot5

Rating: R

Warnings: Riding, barebacking, ot5 relationship, slight bondage, slight BDSM, dominant!Louis submissive!Harry, slight masturbation, overstimulation, comeplay, & smut.

Title from Blood, Sex, and Booze by Green Day.

Harry is tied down to a bed while the other 4 boys take turns riding him. 

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title: A Lesson in Lust
rating: nc-17
summary: Louis is a teacher and has a side job as a stripper. Harry is his student who is confused about his sexuality and so decides to visit a strip club.
warnings: underage (I wrote Harry to be around 16), sexual content, dirty talk, grinding
disclaimer: I do not (and probably never will) own one direction. This is made up stuff.

based on this prompt: Could you do one where Louis is a Teacher but has a side job of a stripper. Harry is a student of Louis and goes to the club and Louis sees him and tries to do his best moves for his sexy student. Harry then pays like good money to get a private show with Louis and then dirty kinky smut insues.

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underage/incest fanfics



notes: I’ll probably go to hell for reading these things, but I do not regret. enjoy!

imageGame Over

Summary: Harry loved video games. And one day, after disobeying his dad Louis one too many times, Harry gets taught a lesson.

image Undisclosed desires

Summary: basically louis and harry are brothers and they decide to watch porn together and they end up fucking oh and louis is a major cock!slut and harry is submissive like always.

image English Tutor

Summary13 year old Louis is falling behind in English, so 22 year old uni student, Harry, helps him out.. in more ways than one.

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